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RoofPlan was designed as a tool for our clients to access their personal portals at any time. RoofPlan is a tool that allows our customers the ability to see all roofing activity, dispatch, monitor and track service tickets and projects from anywhere at anytime with ease. Clients can see the history of all their roofing projects all in one place. RoofPlan can dispatch service techs, follow up on inspections, and track open service tickets at the touch of a button.

RoofPlan Services

RoofPlan is a tool that allows Padula Roofing Clients to access their own portal and with a push of a button dispatch our service tech. RoofPlan also sends email alerts to keep our clients updated on the service. RoofPlan will notify the client when their service is completed and send an invoice via email which includes before and after photos of work completed.

RoofPlan Inspections:

RoofPlan makes managing inspections effortless – an overview report of the roof system is created after our service tech completes the inspection. The report is available immediately for our clients after our service tech concludes the inspection. RoofPlan generates a report that includes an evaluation of the roof and the remaining life, the RoofPlan software creates a budget which allows the client to see their options regarding repairs, replacement and how much to budget for.

RoofPlan Projects:

For ongoing projects RoofPlan delivers detailed daily reports and photos of the work completed each day. Reports can be sent via email or through their RoofPlan account.

RoofPlan is used for every job and is provided to our clients at no additional charge. The account includes all projects, maintenance, service, and inspection data for easy access at any time.

RoofPlan Maintenance:

For most commercial buildings we perform regular maintenance. During yearly maintenance, the service tech will check for not only current problems but areas that could turn into problems in the future. This allows repairs to be made before they grow larger and become costly. RoofPlan makes it simple for our clients to keep track of their scheduled maintenance as we provide the best solutions for all roof needs.

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